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Made from sustainable birch plywood, Wishbone Wagon is built to last with its safe & stable design. Easy for your child to convert, it's a wagon, a downhill trolley racer and a Flintstone car all-in-one. Promotes mixed-age group play. Wishbone Wagon supports essential skills development including gross motor, social interaction including sharing and teamwork, and cognitive skills like imagination, decision-making and visual processing. Wishbone Wagon is another new classic children's toy designed by Wishbone Design Studio in New Zealand. Recommended for 1-10 years. Max 50kg. Designed for outdoors, store indoors.


Within its deceptively simple red curves, Wishbone Wagon packs an impressive range of functions to entertain children all the way from age 1 to 10. This is sophisticated low-waste, long-product-life design presented in retro-cool form. Simply brilliant.

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