Whenever something fails, we make a choice: repair or throw away? Product design can influence that decision, but the global toy industry has had different priorities. We're changing all that.

forget fashion

Once upon a time, all goods were "durable" - made to last, repaired, and kept in use for generations.
"Consumer" goods - things we use up immediately or at most within three years - are a more recent phenomenon. They've spread on a tide of industrialisation, changing fashion, advertising and disposability.
Too often, modern children's toys are designed as consumables. Good for a few uses but when we break 'em, we bin 'em.
At Wishbone, we're designing products with classic styling and durable materials that are seriously repairable...

Reject Disposables. Demand Repairables.

how do we make it repairable?

We've come up with our very own Gold Standard for Repairable Stuff. We're not perfect yet, but we know what we're aiming for.

- Design for disassembly
- Use standardised components
- Make spare parts available & affordable
- Offer instruction for beginners online
- Give lifetime customer support

We're sharing our Gold Standard in the hope you'll look for it in other products too. Here are some awesome brands leading the charge: Repairable Blunt Umbrellas Lifetime Saddleback Bags Patagonia DIY, Repair & Recycle