covid 19

We are fully behind #stayhome #staysafe #savelives. We are continuing to ship from our international warehouses, using safest practices. Expect your order to take a few more days to arrive than normal.

Here at Wishbone we like to stay positive and always be looking for silver linings....


Transformation is a catchphrase at Wishbone, because we're on a mission to reduce consumption for a better future. Stores and businesses closing overnight for lockdown may be the very lightening bolt we need to change in other ways too. The jolt of Covid-19 striking our tiny blue planet is a wake up call, shoving us towards a surprising new way of being. Stop driving. Stop shopping. Stand still and support others. Feels good, right?

Connection with family

In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, we were given the chance of a lifetime - to be at home with those we love the most. Whatever else you do, be sure to create a deeper connection with the people and things you love.   At Wishbone, we created a generation of classic children's products, intentionally designed to bring joy and connection to families. This time, it's your turn to slow down.  Focus on the little things you really love.